The Valves Specialist with Expertise and Tradition

The armacon GmbH at the cradle of the German valve production in Magdeburg, looks back at more than 170 years of tradition in valve manufacturing and offers you technically sophisticated, patented valves and proven complete solutions.

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Customers and partners benefit equally from the many years of experience in dealing with valves norms and standards of manufacturing and rely on the engineering knowledge of a specialized team.

Fittings in the Industry and in Transport

The armacon is a manufacturer of standard and special valves for Petroleum/Gas and Chemistry, the production, proccesing and distribution of water and the production, distribution and cooling of energy and water vapor, conveying and production of special valves, and the distribution of solid materials.

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Service and After Sales Service

The armacon service is divided into the valves service and the technical engineering service. The armacon valves service offers you the service for all valves supplied by armacon, MAW, MAGWEN and armacon. The armacon technical engineering service offers customers the following services.

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About us
armacon GmbH in Magdeburg

Product overview:

Petroleum-, gas-, chemistry- and water-fittings

Our products are listed at Aramco - 9COM Liste:

6000000257, 6000000258, 6000000260, 6000000261, 6000000262, 6000000268, 6000000269, 6000000272, 6000000273, 6000000274, 6000000287, 6000000293, 6000000294, 6000000296, 6000000297, 6000000298, 6000000302, 6000000321, 6000000325, 6000000326, 6000013745