A medium-sized company with a 170-year-old tradition

The armacon GmbH is a medium-sized company that continues the more than 170-year-old tradition of valve manufacturing which began in Magdeburg/ Germany (MAW Magdeburger Armaturenwerke). The roots of the development and the production of industrial valves in Magdeburg date back to 1850 when the company "Schäffer & Budenberg” was founded. Further milestones of 170 years of tradition are:

  • 1850

    Foundation of the gauges and valves factory „Schäffer & Budenberg“.
  • 1890

    Foundation of the company „Polte“ in Magdeburg - production of large valves.
  • 1922

    Foundation of the company „Brüder Mannesmann Armaturen“ in Bielefeld.
  • 1945

    Foundation of the company MAW Magdeburger Armaturen Werke. In the MAW the know-how of the companies "Schäffer & Budenberg" and "Polte" was combined and further developed after World War II.
  • 1990

    After the reunification of Germany the acquisition of MAW by „Deutsche Babcock“ (German Babcock) took place.
  • 1993

    Foundation of the company MAGWEN by Frank and Petra Wenig as well as the installation of a fluidic test field MAG stands for the hometown MAGdeburg and WEN for the family name WENig.
  • 1996

    Closure of the MAW Magdeburger Armaturenwerke and acquisition of the MAW control valve manufacturing by the company MAGWEN GmbH Wenig.
  • 2004

    Foundation of the company armacon-systems GmbH with the two lines of business development and manufacturing of special valves with corresponding actuators and implementation of hydraulic calculations for piping systems.
  • 2010

    Foundation of the company armacon GmbH.
  • 2014

    armacon GmbH approved supplier for Saudi ARAMCO.
  • 2019

    FLAGSHIP FASB from Malaysia come be an Shareholder on March 2019. FASB was backed by Datuk Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad and Datuk Wira Lorna Enan Muloon.