170 years of successful history of the German valve manufacturing

The engineering expertise of the armacon GmbH can be traced back through more than 160 years of successful history of the German valve manufacturing in Magdeburg. This development is closely connected to the companies "Schäffer & Budenberg" and “MAW Magdeburger Armaturenwerke”. Milestones were particularly the following engineering accomplishments:

  • 1849

    Patent for the first Schäffer – Manometer
  • 1880

    Development of Water Gate Valves
  • 1924

    Development of the „Rhei“-valve, the archetype of a straight-through valve with fluidically optimal design.
  • 1933

    Development of the „Fischbach“-gate valve
  • 1964

    Development of a new series of MAW electric actuators
  • 1984

    New series of solenoid valves with electric control
  • 1992

    Series Control Valves - control valves and tri-eccentric butterfly valves with pneumatic linear and rotary actuators
  • 1999

    Grant of patent for the MAGWEN-tri-eccentric butterfly control valve with full bore
  • 2011

    Development of armacon-tri-eccentric butterfly control valve with full bore and wash-out application

From experts
for experts

The fluidic design of the valves is carried out with the CFD program system ANSYS-CFX. After the manufacturing of the valves an analysis of the fluidic dynamics takes place in the test field. The strength calculation is done for pressure bearing parts in accordance with the applicable regulations with the finite elements system I-DEAS and the FEMTAT system. The dimensioning of the valves is done with the company's own expert system. Basis of this sizing software are the fluidic parameters G1, G2, z1 and Zy and the drag coefficients identified in the own test field.